Azusa Pacific University

San Diego, CA
 The toolkits and programs that were implemented to support NCIN scholars continue to benefit all students enrolled in the Entry-Level Master’s program.

Grant Years:

Degrees Conferred: 
Scholarships Awarded: 


Round 1: 2008-2009
Kwame Appiah
Jose Arendon
Erin Asay
Rachael Blackwell
Alicia Bravo
Xochella Chan
Wing Shan Chow
Ana Favela
Belinda Gyabaah
Jonathan Hopkins
Chet Khay
Tori Newby
Mary Nguyen
Vien Nguyen
Loreen Ngwazini
Chuks Olise
Brian Payette
Gale Tanner
Katie Tran
Philomina Walker-Nwarueze
Round 2: 2009-2010
Arin Abramian
Fayomi Agbool
Nadia Ali
Neama Bereteh
Ezakar Bigilinka
Eric Bonilla
Aerain Bourdeaux
Chun Chow
Lizbeth Gallegos
Glenn Grimes
Timothy Hawbaker
Pedro Hayes
Vanessa Hill
Nicole Johnson
Kenneth Chad Johnston
Alexander Lopez
Theresa Mendoza
Elaine Moreira Ali
Caroline Nguyen
Aaron Quach
Scott Rasmussen
Leticia Rodriguez
Suzan Shakhshir
Melody Souza-Bennett
Shing Thai
Round 3: 2010-2011
Kimberly Amador (Gonzalez)
Vardan Atanesian
Ozoemena Egbuonye
Lyrva Garza
Christine Ly
Maria Moore
Jacqueline Pham
Saloumeh Rahbarvafaei
Marissa Reeber
Karina Ritter
Rachel Suh
Kristine Wallach
Round 4: 2011-2012
George Addison
Thomas Chung
Hai Lam
Bridget Miranda
Ugo Ndubaku
An Nguyen
Tochukwu Nnadi
Bernadette Okonkwo
Chase Wagner
 NCIN scholarship funds were vital in helping Azusa Pacific University provide additional tools to help scholars graduate and become nurse leaders. These funds helped leverage support to increase the number of faculty and enhance support services. Leadership and mentoring programs remain an integral part of the second-degree programs at Azusa, with peer, faculty, and community members serving as mentors. Each NCIN scholar was involved in at least one community-based project, which ranged from planning a health fair for seniors and the homeless to teaching health care in ethnic communities. NCIN scholars traveled to Japan in 2011 to help earthquake victims. Many graduates continue to work and volunteer in underserved communities. Program coordinators bring in diverse professionals and advanced practice nurses to join forums.


This I believe about nursing…  “The calling can come from anywhere.”

I believe this about nursing… “Through nursing I am able to serve the most vulnerable and neediest of people.”

I believe this about nursing…“It’s the act of turning caring and meaningful thoughts into actions. Instead of just thinking about helping others, you step forward and you do it.”

I believe this about nursing… “Nursing incorporates firm and steadfast principles of dedication to patients, respect for a profession, and love of intellectual curiosity.”

I believe this about nursing…“Nursing is a profession where people from all walks of life come together to help those in need and make a difference in their lives.”

I believe this about nursing...“Nursing is more than just a job."

I believe this about nursing… “Nursing empowers individuals to enhance quality of life at the individual, familial, and community level.”

I beliebe this about nursing..."Nurses are angels."