California State University Fullerton

Fullerton, CA
Mentoring continues to be an integral part of the student nurse experience at California State University, Fullerton, helping scholars Develop leadership skills.

Grant Years:

Degrees Conferred: 
Scholarships Awarded: 


Round 2: 2009-2010
Jennifer Barba
Meagan Bardelcik
Natalie Fujimoto
Marcela Gutierrez
Diana Ith
Traci Jovero
Amrit Kaur
Victoria Makabali
Jonathan Mcintyre
Angelika Panova
Kyung Park
Russell Robinson
Jeffrey Silberman
Jurusha Summerville
Boudsakhone Sundara-Nunez
Vanessa Tantuvanich
Timothy Trammell
April Verkler
Zachary Winkler
Round 3: 2010-2011
Erin Avalos
Michael Grinenko
Jolly Mannanal
Bao Nguyen
Hieu Nguyen
Kevin Ocampo
Kristian Perfecto
The NCIN scholarships came at a time when the school of nursing had just launched its accelerated master’s program in nursing, so they provided much-needed financial support to students. The tools NCIN made available supported development of a strong curriculum, enabling the school to create new opportunities for students and improve the quality of the program. Students were able to network with community leaders through meet-and-greet luncheons that exposed them to various leadership styles and helped them understand some of the attributes that make strong leaders. Many NCIN scholars have since continued their education, earning DNP degrees and completing CRNA and NP programs.


NCIN scholars choose from eight different leadership tracks and follow a curriculum plan throughout the academic year, during which they learn about topics like social justice, public service, and peer tutoring.


This I believe about nursing… “Through nursing, I will have the opportunity to comfort others and serve with the care and compassion that was once provided to me.”

This I believe about nursing… “It gives people the knowledge to serve others who may need assistance to maintain a healthy life.”