Cox College

Springfield, MO
Solid faculty and mentor support facilitated engaged learning and helped make NCIN scholars role models for others interested in studying for health care jobs.

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 Round 2: 2009-2010
Lauren Buerk
Ashley Combs
Mason Crawford
Elizabeth Richter
Carmel Rose
Marcus Ross
Melissa Teal
Derek Williams
Travis Young
Cox College focused on increasing enrollment and retention of students from backgrounds underrepresented in nursing. The NCIN grant allowed the college to double enrollment in its accelerated bachelor’s degree program, including a 250 percent increase in male enrollment and a 55 percent increase in students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Each NCIN scholar was mentored by an instructor, a senior or graduate accelerated nursing student, and a nurse leader; they helped the scholars understand the culture and processes in the nursing program and develop skills and techniques to complement their clinical experiences. Scholars participated in breakfast roundtables to discuss nursing, clinical experiences, and coursework and took an active role in college-wide leadership, joining a strategic planning committee and college leadership council.