Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD
 The “boot camp” focused on pre-entry preparation activities and provided valuable support to the scholars, who continue to rely on each other.

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Round 2: 2009 – 2010
Aitalohe Amaize
Lucine Francis
Jessie Fuentes
Rahwa Gessese
Katrina Harston
Kyle Jenson
Round 3: 2010 – 2011
James Avalos
Martine Caverl
Kenny Chen
Joycelyn Cudjoe
Lesly Dokes
Tamisha Williams 
 The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing held a “boot camp” for its NCIN scholars, who quickly bonded in the small-group set- ting the camp offered. Guest speakers and NCIN Pre-Entry Immersion Pro- gram activities helped students prepare for the fast pace of academic studies. The dean of the nursing school and the associate dean for student affairs both held events for scholars at their homes, and these events gave the scholars unique opportunities to meet nurse leaders and discuss career paths. The NCIN scholars had diverse back- grounds and experiences—for example, one had been a pastoral counselor and another White House military officer. Their diverse experiences enriched the class.