Medical University of South Carolina

Charleston, SC
 The NCIN program continues to influence the college’s admissions process; one example is a newly required essay question asking applicants to describe how they would work to enhance diversity in nursing.

Grant Years:

Degrees Conferred: 
Scholarships Awarded: 


 Round 1: 2008 – 2009
Michael Bachmeyer
Cori Bowker
Jared Carter
Aisha Choudry
Jonathan Edwards
Devyn Feil
Journey Henderson
Chris Hock
Ting Ting Hsieh Kinser
J'Vonne Hunter
Tiffany Hunter
Derek Martindale
Paul Nunes
Mildred Pochet
Nicholas Porter
Michael Reilley
Amir Sadri
Christopher Santos
Timothy Smith
Jennifer White
Round 3: 2010 – 2011
Kristen Elmore
Senovia Mays
Ashleigh McCall
Janice McFaddin
Altonya McMillan
Deana Phouksovath
Veronica Ramos
Karla Romero
William Torres
Round 4: 2011 – 2012
Osman Abdi
Shaniqua Alston
Janette Figueroa
Aminah Fraser-Khan
Nadia Hall
Jonathan Hardy
Roxanne Johnson
Zora Johnson
Michelle Mejia
Shechianh Stewart
Round 5: 2012 – 2013
Megan Behlmer
Crystal Bell
Desmond Capers
Sekou Dakari
Kara Edmonds
Jacob Fountain
Liliana Kim
Valerie Kneece
Adam Miller
Grace Moran-Hanna
Shanice Strobart
Joseph Tkach
Toya Williams
Round 6: 2013 – 2014
Bailee Coldsmith
Rena Hasagawa
Hannah McClary
Tamesha McKnight
Jessica Mills
Logan Nexsen
Gabriella Petrozzi
Ruvy Sabado
Salome Seraphin
Robert Wolfrom
Round 7: 2014 – 2015
Sharnice Boulware
Annie Huey Chan
Donna Luu
Romina McCandless
Tiffani Smalls
 Six rounds of NCIN funding helped the Medical University of South Carolina’s (MUSC) College of Nursing increase awareness about the need for cultural competency and better meet that need. MUSC now has a Multicultural Student Nurses Association, and all of its presidents have been NCIN scholars. The school also has Men in nursing interest group, which many NCIN scholars have been a member of, supported by NCIN scholars. Faculty members are helping create a more inclusive, diverse environment. The NCIN program liaison is leading an active College of Nursing Diversity Committee and serves as the College of Nursing Diversity Officer. MUSC leaders have taken the entire NCIN program to heart and are using its tools to transform the institution’s culture and environment.


This I believe about nursing… "It is an important form of community service. Working in a field that helps people was always part of my life. I was taught not to be critical of any volunteer program, but to join it and try to help."

I believe this about nursing… "That I will make a difference."

I believe this about nursing… “Nursing is about touching the lives of others while providing optimal care for patients’ health and well-being.”

I believe this about nursing… “Nursing is a packaged gift from one human heart to the next for the space we share with each other.”
 “I Believe this about nursing….” Nursing is the ultimate culmination of art and science. 
 I believe this about nursing..."I can contribute to patients' well-being through health education."
I believe this about nursing... "It is for the compassionate."
I believe this about nursing..."Nursing is a job of service and I want nothing more than to be a servant."