University of Oklahoma, Health Sciences Center

Oklahoma City, OK
 Scholars reported that the intense focus on leadership development and mentoring helped them succeed in a rigorous accelerated BSN program.

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Round 2: 2009 – 2010
Jordan Abbott
Roushel Asuncion
Deborah Brown
Rochelle Brown
Joseph Busterna
Marcia Castellanos
David Coates
Leticia Enriquez-Rojas
Justin Henson
Jamesina Johns
Timothy McClellan Jr.
Sara McFerran
Alice Nguyen
Oanh Nguyen
Sandra Pafford
Michael Rocha
David Vadillo
 To enhance their leadership skills, NCIN scholars at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center participated in the College of NOBLE (Nursing Organization for Building Leadership) Ambassador Program. They also received mentoring from alumni of the accelerated BSN program and senior-year students, who helped them quickly connect to student services, activities, and programs which helped them succeed in the fast-paced program. Students met with their mentors as often as 10 times per semester.