Each one of us can make a difference... Together we made a change!

Summit GameDuring the Grand Finale Summit, attendees were asked to participate in a fun and opinionated game. Each attendee would have received 5 distinctive color cards where they were asked to write about some of their reflections regarding the New Careers in Nursing Program. The five categories were My School before NCIN, My School after NCIN, My Greatest Challenge as a Scholar/Grantee, Most Important Lesson Learned from NCIN, And Create Your Own Message. During the few days of the Summit attendees thought about their experiences and wrote them down on the cards and posted on the sharing board. As attendees posted and read the cards they were also asked to vote on each card that they felt had a lot of meaning to them. Final votes we broadcasted on the last day before the Scholar’s Network session, of the winners in each category.
The Winning Cards Were:
My School before NCIN : "Herding Cats O_O" (7 votes) Allen Hanberg, University of Hawaii at Manoa

My School after NCIN : "Beauty of Diversity" (5 votes) Beret Ravenscroft, Southern Connecticut State University

My Greatest Challenge as a scholar/grantee : "Implementing NCIN support programs in a challenging accelerated program and balancing them with student needs for academic success." (11 votes) Sherri Ulbrich, University of Missouri – Columbia
Most Important Lesson Learned from NCIN: "Never underestimate the power of a NURSE!" (10 votes) Kenya Snowden, University of Miami
Create your own Message :
"Will miss NCIN but not all the reports!" (9 votes) Linda, Yale University 


Here are a few cards of what attendees thought about their school BEFORE NCIN: 

Unattainable due to costs and the credit needed to obtain student loans (private/federal) for underrepresented students. As an admission counselor, this made recruitment difficult. – Che Abram, Samuel Merritt University
Dedicated to diversity, but no consistent strategy to fostering it in the nursing profession – Ann Solari Twadell, Loyola University Chicago
Well-intentioned but we did not have an organized way of thing about or implementing a diversity initiative. – Lisa Rosenberg, Rush University
Striving to increase student diversity with limited fiscal resources – Faye Grund, Ashland University
Allowed me to have school pride and a degree, but no voice – Krista Min, Seton Hall University 
Small, un-noticed some people didn’t know there was a nursing school at our university – Cheryl Delgado, Cleveland State University 
Was not as focused on meeting the individualized needs of diverse students – Ann Marie Mauro, Rutgers and New York University
I didn’t realize my potential – Amanda Ramirez, University of Missouri - Kansas City 
Ignored creative ways to engage the students – Jolene Lynn, University of Missouri - Kansas City 
Lacked diversity, did not have easy access to knowledgeable mentors – Laura Hauk, University of Tennessee