Recruitment Toolkit

toolkit cover´╗┐This toolkit was designed to assist schools of nursing in recruiting students who are members of underrepresented groups in nursing. As a funding requirement of the NCIN program, grantees had to award scholarships to students from underrepresented/and or economically disadvantaged backgrounds, including racial and ethnic minority groups, and men. 

This toolkit incorporated findings from research, field experience, and program evaluations to offer strategies that have proven successful for recruitment activities. The toolkit provides grantees with the strategic concepts, ideas, and tools necessary to reach and engage targeted audiences.

You should use this toolkit as a guide to create and/or enhance recruitment efforts within your individual programs, nursing schools, and institutions-at-large. Through the production and distribution of this toolkit, NCIN envisions schools of nursing implementing these activities beyond the life of this scholarship program, and as new norms for all nurse educational programs. Proactive recruitment of diverse individuals must be a continuous priority for schools of nursing in order to fuel a representative pipeline of nursing students. 


*New October 2012*